Sustainable Sales Growth


 No matter what the business, sales strategy is obviously a most critical  dimension of business success. In today’s world of commerce, social  media has had a major impact in how various sales channels operate and  either integrate with or interfere with each other. In the retail world,  for example, success requires that retail sales/distribution and  web-based direct sales strategies are aligned and reinforcing.  Pricing  strategy is the most critical element of this process, but establishing  realistic terms and conditions in light of cash flow realities is also  crucial. Attivo has a history of sustained sales campaign success in  both business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B)  situations, and can draw from this in helping clients design and  implement sales strategies that are profitable and sustainable.  

Attivo Specialties:


  • Comprehensive Sales Channel Options and Derived Integrated Strategy 
  • DRTV and/or Web-based Direct Sales Option Analysis 
  • Pricing and Margin Strategies (B2B and B2C)
  • Retail Sales Strategies (2-step and 3-step Options)


  • ​Customer Service – Cost-Effective Sales Support
  • Special Promotion Campaign Tactics  – What, When, Why, How 
  • International Markets Expansion – Geographic Prioritization Strategy, Pricing, Timing, Customer Support