Strategic Product Development


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When designing  a new product the correct interplay between the target customer and the  product feature set and technology is the first and critical element.  With the customer needs well established, the potentially transformative  solution lies where design research meets innovation, providing the  unifying framework for a successful product development strategy.

The  launch of a successful product is a multi-faceted puzzle involving  functionality, ergonomics, branding and positioning.  Focused and timely  prototyping is at the heart of our methodology.  We use simulations,  illustrations and semi-functional models to quickly assess viability,  facilitate strategic discussion, establish performance benchmarks,  gather early user feedback and project future performance.

​In  parallel with the product design and prototyping process, Attivo  reviews its network of manufacturers to select a subset that may be  appropriate for bidding on the manufacturing of the product.  Requests  for proposals (RFPs) are sent out based on preliminary product specs and  interviews and sometimes site visits lead to the selection the optimal  manufacturer.  As soon as possible after this the manufacturing  engineering team begins interaction and consensus decision-making  process with the design engineering team to yield the final  manufacturable product design. ​

  •   Targeted Customer Classification        and Needs Assessment 
  • Product Functionality Requirements
  • Feature Set Definition
  • Technology Selection and Industrial Design Parameters
  • Preliminary (Alpha) Product Model
  • Initial Customer Feedback
  • Refined Prototyping (Beta)​

  •  Manufacturer Selection Process Undertaken
  • Design Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering Consensus
  • Production Tooling Completed
  • Pre-production Models Produced
  • Evaluation and Final Product Refinement
  • Manufacturing Launched