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 Attivo’s  methods surpass the limitations of traditional marketing.  Whether  brand building (strategic marketing) or direct sales support (tactical  marketing) Attivo’s expertise is founded upon multiple leading edge and  successful campaigns.  Effective marketing must begin with an  understanding of what is meaningful to the customer and in particular  unmet needs. So we focus first on developing the strategic insights  about customer needs to help our clients develop messaging scenarios  that will be most impactful.  Understanding the customer’s functional,  emotional and social goals, the messaging campaign focuses on how most  effectively to speak to these. Once the messaging is established a  structured approach to message delivery is next.  This requires  cost-effective evaluation of all possible delivery channels from public  relations to social media, with assessment of TV and radio, print media,  events and related opportunities along the way.  Attivo has developed  and successfully implemented the required structured approach to help  clients through this process, yielding a marketing campaign -- whether  strategic or tactical -- with maximum the cost-effectiveness. 

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  • Customer Needs Research and Analysis
  • Messaging Options Evaluation and Prioritization
  • Message Delivery Channels Analysis and Evaluation
  • Public Relations Campaigns
  • Social Media Strategy and Implementation

  • Direct TV (DRTV) Campaigns (Short and Long Forms)
  • Paid Media and Print Options Assessment
  • Event and Trade Show Strategy
  • Budget Restricted Marketing Campaign Development