Organizational and Financial Development


 Based on experience, Attivo helps businesses implement an organizational framework with the appropriate focus, scope and scale.  Our business modeling approach considers all players in the business  equation including the company itself, its customers, suppliers and  competitors. We review and challenge the strategic assumptions of our  clients and help them re-frame the orientation of the company to  successfully address previously unmet conditions whether external/market  focused or internal/organizational oriented. 

Attivo Specialties:


  • The Role of Pricing Strategy
  • Distribution Options & Strategy
  • Appropriately Targeted Sales Campaigns
  • Marketing Messaging & Delivery
  • Brand Building & Enhancement Policy
  • Competitive Advantage & Competitor Assessment
  • Customer Service Strategy
  • Internal Organization & Key Human Resource Appraisal
  • Accounting System & Reporting Evaluation
  • Financial Status Assessment and Needs Planning
  • Equity and Debt Financing Options Analysis

Testimonial to Attivo's Success

Bob Lamson  was critical to the business success of the Juiceman and Breadman  products! Leading our product development efforts, Asian manufacturing  sourcing, establishment of national retail distribution and related  financial and operational affairs, Bob was key to the rapid growth of  the company from the earliest start up stage to the successful  acquisition of the Juiceman and Breadman lines by a major appliance  firm.

Rick Cesari,
Co-founder, Trillium Health Products