Attivo Success Stories


Attivo has  played a leading role in the development of several firms and products  that have achieved category leading success both within the US and in  Global marketplaces. Client profitability has rested substantially on  Attivo’s time-tested guidance from business startup and launch through  the following stages of market growth and finally to company maturity,  which may involve on-going operations or merger/acquisition.   Drawing  upon an international network of successful and results-driven executive  leaders and partner firms, we can help you become the next success  story.

Further and  specific information for each of these products and projects may be  available upon signing of a mutual non-disclosure agreement.

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 SousVide Supreme Domestic Water Oven  - A total new business development initiative involving the design,  patenting, Asian manufacturing, marketing and establishing the North  American and International distribution of the world’s first sous vide  cooker designed specifically for home meal preparation.  The  unanticipated popularity of the product among chefs worldwide led also  to modifications of the sous vide cooker to be specifically suitable for  commercial use. In parallel with the SousVide Supreme the design, and  selection and manufacturing for three different vacuum sealer options  for both domestic and commercial use was also successfully launched. 


 Spencer Products Forest Products Measuring Tools -  This total new business development initiative involved design, US  manufacturing, marketing and US and Canadian distribution of forest  management and logging measuring products which became what some termed  the second most important  tool after the chainsaw for forest products  companies and professionals. 



Breadman Automatic Breadmaker - This Project involved the design, Asian manufacturing and the marketing and distribution of what became the most popular automatic bread machine in North America.  The Breadman was the dominant leader in the domestic automatic bread making category and also one of the two most significant new kitchen appliances in the 1990’s. (The Juiceman Juice Extractor being the other)



Juiceman Juice Extractor - This also was a comprehensive new business development initiative involving design, both Eastern European manufacturing and Asian manufacturing, direct response television (DRTV) marketing and the retail distribution of the first home juice extractor in North America.  This product was the first home appliance to be introduced by TV infomercial and then make the transition to full retail distribution.  It became one of two most significant new home kitchen appliances in the 1990’s. 


Cascadia Technology/Novametrix Medical Diagnostic Equipment: ​- The Cascadia Technology product development initiative involved creation of and patenting of an innovative solid state technology for a “capnometer” and the US manufacturing and marketing of the product.  Capnometers are used for the precise measurement of the CO2 content of exhaled breath during medical procedures requiring anesthetic.  This greatly successful product was sold to a major medical equipment manufacturer, Novametrix after its market entry. 


Breadman Automatic Bagel Maker ​- This was a new patented product designed by Attivo and manufactured in Asia.  It automated in one device the entire boiling/baking process for making bagels at home.  A highly successful product technically, distribution was ultimately limited by the simultaneous emergence of the low carbohydrate diet movement in North America at the time of the product’s introduction. 


Icebox Kitchen Entertainment and Communication Console -This total new business development initiative involved  the design, patenting, Asian manufacturing, marketing and the distribution of the world’s first kitchen centered home automation console (Information, Communications, Entertainment Box) for one of the US’s leading kitchen appliance companies. While smoothly integrating the Internet, TV, radio, DVD, and wireless kitchen appliance connectivity, cost and market entry in the late 1990’s proved too early and the product did not become commercially successful.  However, its successful technological approach has led to Attivo’s currently leading role in the business development of a new, capability-expanded and dramatically less expensive home automation product to be introduced in early 2016. 


Other Initiatives – Attivo also has been contracted or served previously on an advisory basis to support the business development, product development and/or marketing and sales development strategies for a small US cardiac medical equipment firm, a US home automation start-up, a Russian computer manufacturing firm, a German cooking equipment company, a British cooking equipment company, a small US rustic resort and a not-for-profit wooden boat educational company.