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Bob Lamson is a seasoned, successful business development expert with a career spanning some 40 years of CEO/OO executive positions in both large and small firms.  Positions have included US and international businesses and several companies he has co-founded, each acquired by larger corporations.  He is known for building strong management teams incorporating expertise for whatever business development issues are involved.  This includes strategic business planning and organization, financing, marketing involving public relations and both DRTV & Internet based social media campaigns, product development and manufacturing, international sales and retail distribution, ecommerce and related brand building initiatives.  A graduate of Yale University and Ph.D. economist he is co-author of Beyond Guns and Butter, a book about defense budgeting reform.  He has served and continues to serve on boards of directors for both private and non-profit entities.   

Attivo’s product design and manufacturing partnerships are built upon a history of relationships with senior executives at successful partnering companies.  These industrial design firms in the US and Europe, hardware and software manufacturers in the US high-tech sector, Asian digital products manufacturers, Asian appliance and consumer electronics manufactures as well as component manufacturers in Asia, Eastern Europe and Russia. 

Marketing Partners include public relations firms in the US and Europe, Internet and mobile social marketing specialists, event planners and coordinators, direct response television (DRTV) specialists, and conventional print and media advertising firms.

Our Sales and Distribution colleagues are senior executives from sales/distribution specialty firms in the US, Canada, Latin America, Eastern and Western Europe, Russia and Asia.

For Financing Attivo draws upon established US and European relationships with Angel investors, Investment Bankers, Debt Financiers, and Strategic Partners in selected economic sectors.


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